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The General Director of ASIG, Mrs Vilma Tomço and the Director of the Directorate of Territorial Information Processing with Advanced Technology, Mr Dritani Prifti, participated in the 2nd International Conference on the Protection of the Water Environment and Sustainable Development-WEPSD, which was held in the premises of the Academy of Sciences of Albania, on September 22-23, 2023, in Tirana.

The leaders of ASIG introduced the participants to the tasks, functions and role that ASIG has in the construction of NSDI in Albania, as well as to the new projects with a focus on advanced technology that ASIG is developing. Also in their presentations they brought concrete examples of products obtained from satellite images, their use for water quality analysis, erosion, climate change, as well as the opportunities that these products offer in the field of research and various studies for the academic world.

Participants in this conference were lecturers and groups of authors from Albania, Greece, Italy, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Israel, Turkey, Czech Republic, France, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland and others.