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Inter-institutional cooperation agreement between State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG) and Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) was signed today.

The heads of these two institutions Mrs. Vilma Tomço, General Director of ASIG and Mrs. Arlinda Hoti, Delegate Director of ASPA, signed this bilateral cooperation agreement at the premises of ASIG, which represents an essential step in increasing technical skills in the field of geoinformation within the Public Administration of Albania.

Thanks to this cooperation, it is aimed;

  • Providing joint training programs, taking into account the combined expertise of these institutions;
  • Development of curricula in the field of geoinformation, to meet the specific needs of Public Administration professionals.
  • Increasing capacities, thanks to the organization of training programs to strengthen the competencies of Public Administration employees in the field of geoinformation.

This cooperation, based on the legal framework, ensures effective implementation and mutual benefit for both institutions. ASIG and ASPA are committed to advancing the capabilities of the public sector through innovative and integrated solutions in the field of geoinformation.