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The State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG), based on Article 7, point b, of Law No. 72/2012, dated 28.06.2012, “On the organization and functioning of the national infrastructure of geospatial data in the Republic of Albania,” and Decision No. 669 of the Council of Ministers, dated 7.8.2013, “On the approval of the rules for determining, creating, and implementing the Albanian Geodetic Reference Framework (KRGJSH), as metadata,” amended, administers, manages, stores, and processes the data of the ALBCORS system, ensuring access for the public and interested parties.

Continuing efforts to provide and improve GNSS services of the ALBCORS system, ASIG informs all public and private institutions, professional individuals, and various companies or organizations that, starting from the month of March, access to GNSS services will only be possible through the registration of users with dedicated usernames and passwords.

Every user must obtain the appropriate credentials by completing the Application Form (click).


ASIG will respond to the application within 2 working days.