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On 16.07.2015, at 09:00, near the “Ish-Inima” Building, Floor II (Europe Hall), Pope John Paul II Street, Tirana,

the next meeting of the Geospatial Information Board – BIG took place, with the participation of the majority of its members. The meeting was led by Mrs. Milena Harito State Minister for Innovation and Public Administration.

At the meeting, the following issues were discussed and approved according to the agenda:

  1. The 5-year Strategic Plan for ASIG, presented by the representative of “MOG”, Mr. Dritan Agolli.
  2. Request for comments on the terms of reference for the creation of the Albanian Forest Information System, presented by the Director of the Forestry Directorate at the Ministry of Environment.
  3. DCM project “For the planning and implementation of aerial photography of the territory of the Republic of Albania”, presented by representatives of ASIG.
  4. “State standards for the technical specifications of the geospatial information infrastructure in Albania – topic Hydrography” and the corresponding VKM project, presented by representatives of ASIG.
  5. Project progress for the Albanian Geodetic Reference Frame, presented by representatives of ASIG.
  6. Data published in the National Geoportal of Geospatial Information, presented by representatives of ASIG.