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More knowledge for the technical staff of the Municipalities of Vlora and Selenica throughout yesterday, in the use of the National Geoportal and GIS applications, in order to create and publish geospatial data in the National Geoportal as well as providing knowledge on the products obtained from the Service project Satellite.

During this training, ASIG experts discussed with the attendees the topics related to:

  • The use of new modules and functionalities of the improved system of the National Geoportal such as: editor module, georeferencing module, map functionalities, metadata catalog, network services, etc.
  • The use of basic layers for the creation and updating of geospatial data from GIS applications using the network services of the National Geoportal.
  • Technical assistance of specific requirements regarding systems and data in the field of geoinformation.
  • Harmonization and standardization of geospatial data according to geoinformation topics.