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The Regional Conference on Cadastre and Geospatial Data Infrastructure, which was held in Belgrade from September 4–6, 2023, included participants from the Sectors of Standards for Geoinformation and Satellite Image Processing of the State Authority for Geospatial Information.

These were the subjects discussed at the conference:

  • NSDI’s role in fostering climate change resilience and the green transition,
  • Support for the real estate industry and e-planning,
  • Geospatial data and services advancement,
  • Regional cooperation with the NSDI – Panel discussion.

The significance of geospatial data in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of successes for a sustainable development of society was underlined throughout the conference sessions.

In their remarks, the ASIG delegates described the development of NSDI in Albania, its role and influence in decision-making for the nation’s sustainable development, as well as ASIG’s long-term goals in the geoinformation sector.