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ASIG, in collaboration with the National Agency for Territorial Planning and with the assistance of the IMPULS Project, organized a workshop at Hotel Tirana International. The theme of the workshop was “Geospatial Information Infrastructure in Albania – National Geoportal,” and it was attended by representatives from more than 50 local government units (municipalities) in the Republic of Albania.

The main objective of this workshop was to present the services of the National Geoportal and enable local government specialists to benefit from their usage

ASIG’s General Director, Mr. Lorenc Çala, and Mr. Anders Ryder, an expert from the IMPULS project, emphasized the need for a national geoinformation infrastructure and its benefits in the decision-making process and the performance of public functions at the local level. ASIG experts highlighted and demonstrated online data and services provided through the National Geoportal, showcasing their usability by local units, especially in disaster prevention and management, urban planning, and property issues.

During the workshop, the steps for user registration on the National Geoportal were demonstrated, along with the various functionalities offered by the portal for both public and private users..