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With a request from the State Authority for Geospatial Information, a delegation from the Cadastre Agency of Kosovo, led by the Executive Director, Mr. Avni Ahmeti, visited the premises of ASIG on October 23, 2020. The delegation from the Cadastre Agency of Kosovo was also joined by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy and Environment of the Republic of Kosovo, Ms. Burbuqe Bakija, with the aim of getting a closer look at the experiences and challenges of the institutions responsible for Geospatial Information Infrastructure in Albania and Kosovo. During the meeting, the leaders of ASIG presented the activities, projects, and challenges of the institution in building NSDI and highlighted the opportunities for cooperation between ASIG and AAK in the common challenges of the geoinformation field. The meeting was finalized with the signing of two cooperation agreements: – Cooperation Agreement in the field of Geospatial Information Infrastructure specifying the areas where cooperation between institutions can be deepened, such as geoinformation standards, exchange of experiences in professional fields, harmonization of geospatial data and their exchange. – Cooperation Agreement for the exchange of data from the ALBCORS and KOPOS geodetic networks for the use of the Active State Network Points of the Global Positioning System of the Republic of Albania (ALBCORS), by the Republic of Kosovo and the use of the permanent network points of the Republic of Kosovo (KOPOS) by the Republic of Albania. Through this cooperation, signal coverage will be provided for geodetic activities carried out in the border areas between the two countries.