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At the meeting of the Board of Geospatial Information (BIG), on 01.28.2016 under the of Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation,

Ms. Milena Harito, ASIG presented an important product of geospatial information, orthophoto 2015 for urban areas, as first phase of an investment of the Albanian Government. Also in this meeting was approved two important documents related to State Standards for Geospatial Information in Albania about topics:

  • -Cadastral Parcels  

Important topics of discussion on BIG were presentation of the terms of reference for the “National Geoportal” and implementation of KRGJSH’s projects on 2016 (first phase). In the focus of the meeting was the presentation on the initiatives of the responsible Authorities in the field of geoinformation, for 2016′ and informing of ASIG about them.