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At the symposium organized by EUREF the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) Reference Frame Sub-Commission for Europe, which was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, on May 23-26, 2023, the State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG), was represented by Mr Oltjon Balliu, responsible for the Geodetic Reference Frame sector and Mr Luciano Kasneci, specialist in this sector. The purpose of this symposium was to cover the activities of EUREF such as the realization, maintenance and use of the European systems ETRS89, EVRS and the European Permanent Network EPN as well as support for the Balkan countries in the development of Geodetic Reference Frames.

The representatives of ASIG in their presentations at this meeting brought to the attendees information on the current status of the Albanian Geodetic Reference Frame and the objectives that ASIG has in the future for the construction and development of the 5 (five) main networks that compound KRGJSH.

Also at the EUREF 2023 symposium, were approved the resolutions on:

  1. Improving consistency between the latest ETRS89 implementation, especially between ETRF2014 and ETRF2020 recognizing the benefits of harmonizing the reference frames used by countries within Europe.
  2. The products (coordinates and time series) of the EUREF Reference Frame should be expressed in the last realization of ITRS/IGS20.
  3. Updating the metadata of the EPN reference stations (coordinates and tropospheric products) in order to enable the calculation of the third campaign of the permanent EUREF network “EPN-Repro3” from the EPN analysis centers