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Representatives of State Authority for Geospatial Information from the Geoinformation Standards sector and the National Geoportal sector participated in the “Digital Innovation Profile for Albania” (DIP) workshop. This workshop was organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in cooperation with the experts of the Telecommunication Development Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and aimed at creating an Innovative Digital Profile which aims to provide an accurate assessment of the capacity of ecosystem of our country to help stakeholders explore the flow of innovation to build a sustainable economy supported by Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In this two-day workshop, representatives of public institutions and the academic world were present who discussed;
  • Assessing and reviewing ecosystem opportunities that unlock critical resources essential to digital transformation
  • Analyzing and understanding the specific actions required by each interest group to support the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Prioritizing key actions, policies, platforms and programs needed to address gaps in the ecosystem.
By accurately diagnosing the country’s capacity for digital innovation, it is intended to develop concrete projects that position Albania as a digital leader in the region. This initiative envisions an ecosystem where innovators have access to the resources, programs and opportunities needed to build their communities, accelerating the achievement of the national development agenda.