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One of the fundamental responsibilities of ASIG is the creation and management of the National Geoportal, as well as ensuring public access and access for interested parties in accordance with the provisions of Law 72/2012. This Geoportal is a crucial step within the framework of Open Government (OGP), which fundamentally advocates for open data policies for citizens, offering services without bureaucracy and closer to quality. The National Geoportal will serve for inter-institutional cooperation in the context of efficiency in citizen service.

Given that it is one of the priorities of the Albanian government, as referred to in the regulatory legal framework that has now been complemented with recent amendments, the focus will be on the development of these online services. In this context, ASIG has organized several activities, such as:

27.10.2016 – BIG Meeting

10.11.2016 – Meeting at ALUIZNI in Lezhë on the use of the Unique Digital Map in the legalization process

08.02.2017 – Metadata and Data Quality Workshop

09.02.2017 – Metadata and Data Quality Workshop

22.02.2017 – Signing of the agreement with JICA for digital cadastre

09.03.2017 – BIG Meeting

21.03.2017 – Meeting with the Durrës naval fleet. Creating the infrastructure for digital maritime maps! Basis for the development of ports and maritime tourism, like any Mediterranean country, and for having accurate maritime borders.

05.04.2017 – ASIG participates in the 8th Infocom World Albania Conference

12.04.2017 – Meeting on the use of the National Geoportal in Durrës Municipality.

24.05.2017 – BIG Meeting

15.05.2017 – Presentation of the new National Geoportal

14.06.2017 – CLOSING EVENT Within the successful completion of the cooperation project between the Norwegian Government and the Albanian Government regarding the creation of the National Geospatial Information Infrastructure in the Republic of Albania.