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Minister for Innovation and Public Administration Milena Harito today signed an agreement for the support of 1.2 million euros, provided by the Norwegian government to create a national infrastructure of geospatial data (National Spatial Data Infrastructure, NSDI).

This agreement will enable firstly, raising the Albanian Authority of Geospatial Infrastructure as an institution responsible for the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive; Albanian Geodetic Reference Frame construction (KRGJSH-2010) as a reference of European standards for “National GIS”; Construction of “National Geoportal”, through which they will access the geospatial data and services associated with these data.

In greeting the audience, Harito Minister stated that “The signing of this agreement is not only a sign of friendship and mutual support of the governments of the two countries, but also an indicator of great importance in the development of infrastructure, processing and use of the geospatial data »
In this context, Harito stressed that the creation of the modern national infrastructure of geospatial data NSDI with European standards, is presented as a necessity under government commitments,in the integration process.
Signing the agreement was made on the environments of AKSHI, on the topic “Albania in the European digital agenda”. On the Norwegian side the agreement was signed by Mr. Helge Onsrud, Director of the Centre for Development regarding Property Rights, at “Statens Kartverk”.