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The meeting of the Geospatial Information Board (BIG) took place today, 28.03.2024, in the premises of the Prime Minister’s Office, under the direction of the Chairman of this board, Mr. Ermal Nufi. In the presentation held by the General Director of the State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG), Mrs. Vilma Tomço, the main achievements of ASIG during 2023 and the work objectives for 2024 were highlighted. At the end of the presentation, the chairman of BIG Mr. Ermal Nufi appreciated the achievements of ASIG and asked for the cooperation of the institutions that represent BIG members as important actors in the field of geoinformation. Also, at this meeting, two draft acts foreseen by ASIG for the year 2024 were presented:

  • The draft law “On some changes and additions to the law no. 72/2012 “On the organization and operation of the national geospatial information infrastructure in the Republic of Albania”
  • Draft decision for a change in the document “State Standards for Technical Specifications of Geospatial Information in Albania – Topic: Image of the base map”.

After the presentations and discussions, BIG members expressed their approval for these draft acts.
Another item on the agenda at this meeting was the presentation of projects and the role of the Institute of Geography and Military Infrastructure in the field of geoinformation in Albania.
IGJIU representatives made an exposition of the history of cartography in Albania and IGJIU
projects in the field of geoinformation