National Geoportal is a very important step taken by ASIG under the creation of National Infrastructure Geospatial Information.
 According to the law 72/2012 "THE ORGANIZATION AND OPERATION OF NATIONAL GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA " ASIG is the administrator of the National Geoportal and guarantees public access and stakeholders in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Always according to the National Geoportal law must perform and linguistic:

1. Accessing from users the Metadata, geospatial data, groups and geospatial data services and network services provided by this law,

2. Inter-connect cataloging services, web mapping services and network services provided by article 23 of Law no. 72/2012 "On the organization and functioning of the national infrastructure of geospatial information in the Republic of Albania", with thematic layers created for geospatial data for each of the topics mentioned in paragraph 2 of Article 11 of this Law.

National Geoportal will be a key link in the creation of a national infrastructure stable and effective, where users can access information regarding the various topics geospatial who will serve primarily the State Administration but also ordinary citizens in processes of the information is, Analysis, Decision and Transparency. Currently the portal can access data on Administrative divisions, Property Cadastre, Directory, Environment Protected Areas, Census 2011, Ortho Imaging, 2007, Topographic Map, Map of Land Value.
This portal is designed that you come out to a wide range of users as they level through to simple public. For this reason, priority is placed part of the tutorial for using the Maps section but also for the technical part of using online services (Web Map Service) personal programs Gis Desktop.

For any information or problem you have while working with Geoportal is set Contacts section where you can contact ASIG specialists who, in a shorter time (up to 3 days) would you reply.
For the moment, this is the Beta version of the National Geoportal, but infrastructure "Open Source" on which is built the system will allow us to add to the National Geoportal different modules that will enable satisfy standards set by the European directive on infrastructure to Geospatial data "INSPIRE".