Notice of vacancy
Pursuant to Law no. 7961, dated 12.07.1995 "Labour Code" changed, the State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG) announces competition for two (2) vacancies in the positions:
1.      In the Support Services Sector;
2.      In the sector Safety and Geoportal
Applicants must meet the general requirements provided by the Law. 7961, dated 12.07.1995 "Labour Code" changed.

1.     Degree in Economics. 
2.     Master or ekuilivalent in economy.
3.      The candidate must have 5 years experience in Public Administration.
4.      The candidate must have the necessary experience to support in procedural and financial view, projects that will be developed within the country as well as projects that require cooperation with foreign individuals or organizations.
5.      The candidate must have experience in making financial part of the documentation to be prepared for different tendering and bid evaluation.
6.      The candidate must have experience in the calculation of tariffs and prices that will decide ASIG for services that offer through the "National Geoportal".
7.     To know in detail the law no. 10296, dated 08.07.2010, "On the financial management and control" and the Law. 8379, dated 29.07.1998, "On the design and implementation of the state budget of the Republic of Albania".
8.      To know English very well. Knowledge of other languages priority
9.     To recognize the use of labor-based programs in computer and software related to accounting.
1.       Degree in Computer or Electronics with grade point average of 8 (eight). Master or ekuilivalent in the above areas.
2.    Evidence of English language proficiency. Knowledge of other languages priority.
3.     The candidate must have not less than 3 years experience in managing computer networks. 
4.      Have practical experience in maintenance of servers, printers, routers or other network devices.
5.      The candidate must have very good theoretical knowledge in the administration of computer networks.
6.      Knowledge of virtualization and "Cloud" systems constitute advantage.
7.      Depth knowledge of theoretical and practical issues related to the design, construction, maintenance and updating of computer networking and firewall-s.
8.      To have experience in organizing and presenting workshops at national level.
9.      Knowledge of Albanian legislation in the field of electronic communications and geospatial information.
10.  Depth knowledge on geospatial databases of priority.
The candidate must present within the 07.01.2014, in the State Authority for geospatial information at address: Council of Ministers, Boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation", No.1, 1000, Tirana or e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  these documents:
1.Request for application;
3.Photocopy of Diploma and booklet notes;
4.Photocopy of work booklet;
5.Photocopies of certificates of qualification (if any);
6.Photocopies of evidence of foreign languages and computer (if any);
7.Evidence of judicial status;
8.At least one letter of recommendation;
9.A phone number to contact and full address of residence.
(Failure to complete the documents brings disqualification of the candidate).
·         After preliminary verification of applications, the State Authority for Geospatial Information will publish the list of competitors, who will continue further competition.
·        The competitors of the list will undergo a written examination to announce the winner.
·        The competition will be based on professional knowledge and legislation in the field of geospatial data Law no. 72/2012, "On the organization and functioning of the national infrastructure of geospatial data in the Republic of Albania", Law no. 9131 dated 08.09.2003 "On the Rules of Ethics in Public Administration", Law no. 9367 dated 07.04.2005 "On the prevention of conflicts in the exercise of public functions", Law no. 8503 dated 30.06.1999 "On the Right of Access to Official Documents".