Minister for Innovation and Public Administration Milena Harito today signed an agreement for the support of 1.2 million euros, provided by the Norwegian government to create a national infrastructure of geospatial data (National Spatial Data Infrastructure, NSDI).

This agreement will enable firstly, raising the Albanian Authority of Geospatial Infrastructure as an institution responsible for the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive; Albanian Geodetic Reference Frame construction (KRGJSH-2010) as a reference of European standards for "National GIS"; Construction of "National Geoportal", through which they will access the geospatial data and services associated with these data.


 “State Authority for Geospatial Information- ASIG referring law 72/2012, creates and manages the National Geoportal and guarantees public access for the interested stakeholders in accordance with the provisions of this law.”

Within this legal detryrimi, ASIG has published the National Geoportal which is a very important step in creating geospatial data infrastructure and will enable the public and users of these data,