On 22.06.2023, the meeting of the Geospatial Information Board (BIG) took place in the premises of the Prime Minister's Office, under the direction of the Chairman of this board, Mr. Ermal Nufi, Director of the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister.

All BIG members were present at this meeting.

Mr. Nufi in his opening speech thanked the attendees for their presence and emphasized the importance of this board in the development of the Geospatial Information Infrastructure as well as the priority and special attention that the Albanian Government has given to the follow-up of the project on Satellite Services and the benefits that the institutions are expected to have from this project.

The general director of ASIG, Mrs. Vilma Tomço introduced the attendees to the new structure of ASIG, the progress so far of the project "Monitoring the territory with advanced technology" and the steps taken by ASIG for the creation of the National Geospatial Information Infrastructure (NSDI).

The head of the National GIS sector Mr. In his presentation, Erin Mlloja presented the modules that will be part of the National GIS as well as geospatial data, thematic systems and geospatial services that will make it possible to provide information to users.

After this presentation, BIG members expressed their approval for the adoption of the National GIS State Standards document.