The company "HansaLuftBild" started the aerial photography mission in Republic of Albania. After having completed field measurements campaign for signaling and measurement checkpoints aerial photography (660 GCP), the German Company has started implementing the project phase of the air photographing and scanning the territory under resolutions envisaged in the project. Are expected about 40,000 photography in total.

Based on the project are expected around 16600 photos in urban areas with 8 cm resolution and 15500 photos in the rural areas with 20 cm resolution. Also the project expect scanning of the territory with deferent resolutions, starting from urban areas 5 points / m2 (sur.1028 km2), resolution of hilly area and lowland is 2 points/m2 (sur.10340km2) and mountain areas 1 point/m2. (Sur.17380km2).