One of the priorities and  most important projects of ASIG  is implementation  of KRGJSH-2010.


"Geodetic Reference Frame" or February KRGJSH, as defined in Law no. 72/2012, On the organization and functioning of National Infrastructure for Geospatial Information" is the basis on which relie the unique three-dimensional determination of the position of a point on the ground and consists of:


a) Basic geodetic parameters;

 b) Geodetic coordinate system;

 c) The system of heights;

 d) The system of coordinates in the plan, which relies on geodetic coordinates and mapping projection;

 e) Gravimetric Network;

 f) The system of nomenclature.


Implementation  of KRGJSH will guarantee  a unique spatial reference which will enable  implementation of interoperable geo-information systems,  which in turn will allow for collecting, storing, updating and use of information by European standards as necessary for decision-making at central and local level as well as at the business  level.

In the next five years, KRGJSH will perform for the first time in Albania, Absolute gravimetric measurements in three points (Shkoder, Tirana, Saranda); will be materialized on the ground through the construction and maintenance of geodetic points which must be distributed uniformly throughout the country to form the modern networks  Geodetic of the Republic of Albania.

This new network will be unique base  geodetic of the Republic of Albania  which  will include the following networks:

a) GPS State Network;

b) Leveling State Network;

c) Gravimetric State Network;

d) Mareografike station Network;

e) Magnetometer stations Network;

Design, construction, maintenance and updating of constituent networks of KRGJSH, combined between them and in accordance with the standards required by the European integration of the country, will enable Albanian creating unique base for determining the three-dimensional position of the different points on the surface of the land, on the surface and below its surface by achieving the required accuracy to ensure spatial reference for all GIS-offs to be included in the "National GIS" and for the whole wide range of users that rely in the science of geodesy, in infrastructure and its products, to study the dynamics of changes in the Earth.

KRGJSH construction will enable the realization of an essential, element of the National Infrastructure for Geospatial Data (NSDI) and will eventually avoid duplication costs for gjeoreferencim, inaccuracies and confusion that currently exists in Albania on this important technical process.