Vilma TOMÇO | PhD

Aiming to improve the local ecosystem of Albania and help youngsters to become the next generation of professionals or entrepreneurs by creating synergy and building collaboration and supporting with all the stakeholders of the ecosystem.

Mrs. Vilma Tomço is Director General of State Authority for Geospatial Information.

She completed her studies at the University of Tirana, at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, branch of Informatics, where she graduated and received the title “Master of Science”. In December 2017 she received the title of “Doctor “ in Informatic Systems.

She has been Director of National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security (NAECCS). During this period, she successfully implemented the laws on: Trusted Services; Electronic Documentation and Cyber security; Guaranteeing the security of trusted services, with the goal of creating a safe electronic environment.

During 2011-2017, Mrs. Tomço served in several positions, such as Director of Good Governance Department (prior Digital Agenda) in the Prime Minister Office, Adviser of Minister of Innovation in the Prime Minister Office, Director of the IT Department and Billing Department at Albtelecom Sh.a.

Since 1997 she is Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the University of Tirana. Meanwhile, between 2018-2020 she was Lecturer at the: European University of Tirana, Luarasi University and Lecturer at ASPA, Public Administration School and Armed Forces Academy.

She is fluent in English and Italian.