Albanian Geodetic Frame which is in use in the Republic of Albania, is approved by the Decision of Council of Ministers no. 669, dated on 08/07/2013 and it is called:

“Korniza Rreferuese Gjeodezike Shqiptare 2010” (KRGJSH-2010), "2010", is the index related with the "epoch" used to define geodetic coordinates for all the geodetic points in the Republic of Albania.

KRGJSH-2010, shall be determined on the basis of the European Geodetic Reference System. KRGJSH- 2010, shall be used for all the applications associated with the use of geodetic coordinates in the country. Relationship between KRGJSH-2010 and the classic coordinate reference systems which are used in our country, until the entry into force of the KRGJSH-2010, will be made by using the transformation parameters calculated for each case.

KRGJSH-2010 includes: I. Fundamental geodetic parameters determined in Geodetic Reference System (GRS-80):

1) Equatorial radius; a = 6 378 137m

2) Geocentric gravitational constant, including mass of the atmosphere; GM = 3 986 005 x 10-8 m3s-2

3) Dynamical form factor; J2 = 108 263 x 10-8

4) Reciprocal of flattening; 1/f = 298.257 222 101

5) Angular velocity of rotation; ? = 7 292115.0 x 10-11rad.sek-1